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“Breathe Deep” 16x20

“Sunset Cove” 20x16

“We Time” 24x30

“Inviting!” 16x20 

“Coming?” 24x10

“Unending Delight” 14x11

Springtime Awakens” 48x30

“Together-Nest” 20x10

“Times of Refreshment” 14x11

“Waiting” 15x30

“Some of My Favourite Things” 20x16

“Dwell” Burleigh Falls 24x36

“Watson’s Mill” 18x24
“A Quiet Garden” 20x10

“Silent Retreat” 18x22 (framed)

“Glittering Lights” 14x14 (framed)

“Irises Along the Riverside” 20x16
“Glad to be Home” 40x30
“Wonder” 24x18

A Path of Light  14x26 (framed)
“Enfolded” 18x24 (framed)

Summer Light 36x24 (framed)

“Iris” 24x20 (framed)