Paintings by Elizabeth

“Golden Moments” 10x20

“Waiting 15x30

“Dwell” Burleigh Falls 24x36

“Lake Louise” 24x30
“Through To The Other Side”12x16

“Uptown”-Merrickville 16x16

“Cool Shadows” Nepean Sailing Club 16x12
“Waiting” Rowboat 11x14

“Beauty in the Marsh” 14x11

“Stonebridge” 24x36

“Messenger” 24x24 (framed)

“Autumn Light IV” Open Gate 22x18 framed

“Always Welcome” 14x11

“Field of Yellow”8x10

“River view” 18x14

“Summer Days in the Garden” 14x14

“An Invitation” 30x15

“A Days End Blessing” 20x20 (framed)

“Glad to be Home” 40x30

“Some of my Favourite Things” 20x16
“Benediction” Five Fishing Boats 34x52

“Glittering Lights” 14x14
“Wonder” 24x18

“Breathing Space” 12x12 framed

“Peaceful Ripples” 27x21 (framed)

“Iris” 24x20 (framed)

“Promises” 26x22 (framed)

"Birds Line Up" 20x16

“Press On” 48x30

“In-Sight” 48x48

“Shepherd’s Love” 26x32 framed
“Irises Along the Riverside” 20x16

Funky Birches mixed media 18x24 (framed
“A Quiet Garden” 20x10

Water and Rocks 21x24 (framed)

“Pakenham Bridge” 24x20

“A Path of Light” 14x26

“Enfolded” 18x24 framed 

“Summer Light” 40x28 framed 

“Winter Peace” Gazebo 18x24

“Abundance” 20x20
"Creator and maker" Castle in Alps

Stillness 18x24

Morning Light 12x14  (framed)
Peaceful Ripples II 8x10

Two Cardinals 12x12

"Spring Planter II" 12x12

"Connecting- two cyclists"15x18 (framed)
“Jock River” 18x14

"Deep Comfort- Andrew Hayden Park on Ottawa River"(DONATED)

"Beauty Reflected" SOLD

"Haven- cottage on a hill" (SOLD)

“Winter Sunrise” 14x26 SOLD

Lakeview 30x40 SOLD
Rocky Shore 18x28 SOLD

Autumn Light I 36x15 SOLD

Where Memories Are Made (commissioned) SOLD

Long Shadows 20x16 SOLD
"Supported - Chipmunks"
12x10 SOLD 

“Linger Here” 14x11 SOLD
“Springtime in the City” 34x19 SOLD
Pileated Woodpecker (sold)

Dad at the Organ NFS
Ice Walker (SOLD)
Pulling Together (SOLD)

Billy (NFS)
Pakenham Bridge (SOLD)
Shepherd (8x10) SOLD