Paintings by Elizabeth

Autumn Light -Open Gate 18x12

Rock of Ages 30x40

A Path of Light (24x24)

Summer Light 36x24

River view 14x12

Church Reflection 14x14

Peaceful Ripples I 24x18

Morning Light 12x14 
Peaceful Ripples II 8x10

Two Cardinals 12x12

Autumn Light III 10x20

Autumn Light II 16x12

Autumn Light I 36x15

Hogsback Falls 12x12

Autumn Trail 16x16

"Spring Planter I" 12x12

"Spring Planter II" 12x12

"Connecting- two cyclists"

"Deep Comfort- Andrew Hayden Park on Ottawa River"(DONATED)

"Haven- cottage on a hill" (SOLD)

"Pathway" 20x16

"Stone Bridge"24x36

"Five Fishing Boats- Benediction" 30x48

"Window with Wisdom" Parliament Building

"Wonder" 18x24

"Strong and Wise" 16x48

"Beauty Reflected" SOLD

"Jock River" Ottawa 18x14

"Creator and maker" Castle in Alps
Lakeview 30x40 SOLD

"Birds Line Up" 20x16

"Cardinal" 14x18
"Pakenham Bridge-Fall view" 26x22
"Supported - Chipmunks"
Pileated Woodpecker (sold)
"Wash Me Whiter than Snow" 16x20

"Apple Blossoms" 15x18

Dad at the Organ NFS
Ice Walker (SOLD)
Pulling Together (SOLD)

Billy (NFS)
Pakenham Bridge (SOLD)
Shepherd (8x10) SOLD

Granddaughter: Marie  NFS

Grandson "Alec" NFS
Grandson Mackenzie NFS

Grandson "David" NFS
Granddaughter "Olivia" NFS
Granddaughter "Abigail" NFS